The rewards of good deeds are multiplied in holy places and what better place could there be in this world than Makkah and Madinah?

Lands of Haram offers several animal options for your Qurbani sacrifice, including both small animals, like sheep and goats, and larger animals, like Cows and camels. 

At Lands of Haram, we manage different types of Qurbani for individuals from all around the world. Our team not ONLY hand-picks the animals but is involved in supervising the whole operation, including the slaughtering. All of which takes place in the blessed boundaries of Al-Haram.

The meat is then distributed to those in desperate need, in and of Haramain. During Hajj season, our team is amongst the 35,000 hardworking people who ensure all sacrifices are carried out accordingly and at the appropriate time.

Lands of Haram are aware of the many negative experiences customers have had with Qurbani services that have not been carried out by a trusted source. Unfortunately, it is relatively common for animals to be sacrificed as part of Qurbani that are too young or unhealthy. Additionally, there are situations where a slaughterhouse does not fulfil the complete number of sacrifices purchased for a group Qurbani.

At Lands of Haram, we take our responsibility very seriously so you can rest assured that your Qurbani purchase has been carried out appropriately and to the highest standard. Lands of Haram representatives witness the Qurbani sacrifices, provide electronic receipt of payments, publish videos and images after the Qurbanis are carried out, and distribute the meat to those in need living in Makkah and Madinah. Lands of Haram also guarantees that all Qurbanis takes place in Makkah or Madinah, as per your choosing, and ensures that the meat is not resold.

Lands of Haram select beneficiaries of the Qurbani programme through an essential’s assessment carried out by the team on the field. Those who will receive Qurbani are:
• Orphans
• People on low income
• Female-Headed/Single Parent Households
• Members of the community who are vulnerable
• The disabled
• Internally displaced people

Eid Ul Adha Qurbani

Share the happiness of Eid with those most in need, from Makkah and Madinah.
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Sadaqah Qurbani

Sadaqah Qurbani is performed all year round. A Muslim may give Sadaqah as a means of seeking Allah’s pleasure or on behalf of deceased friends or family.
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Aqeeqah For Newborns

Two sheep, which resemble each other, are to be sacrificed for a baby boy, and one sheep for a baby girl.
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To be completed as compensation for a missed action or a violation of a Hajj or Umrah related law
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