Lands of Haram allows you to purchase a comprehensive food package to be distributed, on your behalf, to those in need, living in Makkah and Madinah. 

Our food packages contain a diverse variety of ingredients so families and individuals may still meet their daily nutritional needs. Ingredients have also been selected for their practicality, through their long shelf life, ease of cooking, and resourceful yield.

Listed below are the items contained in each food package, our pricing of £95.00 includes food storage, packaging and distribution. 

  • 10kg of rice
  • 5kg of sugar
  • 5kg of baking flour
  • 1.6 kg of pasta (4 x 400g bag)
  • 1.5liters of cooking oil
  • 900g of dry milk
  • 900g of baked beans (2x 450g tub)
  • 495g of tuna (3x165g tub)
  • 400g bag of peas
  • 155g pot of cream
  • 100 tea bags
  • Salt
  • Tomato paste

Lands of Haram select beneficiaries of the food package programme through an essential’s assessment carried out by the team on the field. Those who will receive food package are: 

  • Orphans 
  • People on low income 
  • Female-Headed/Single Parent Households
  • Members of the community who are vulnerable 
  • The disabled
  • Internally displaced people

Once your order has been confirmed you shall receive an email confirmation/proof of receipt and further updates and confirmation once your food package has been given to its rightful beneficiary amongst those in need. To respect the wishes & comfort of these vulnerable individuals, and for practical reasons, it is understandably difficult to provide picture evidence of every food package handover; however, we try to regularly show the act being completed on our social media and, at times, this is also shown as part of our live stream.

For large orders, further evidence may be provided for your peace of mind.  Please contact our team at or message us on WhatsApp directly at +447745818742 for further information. 

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Food Packages