Damm is a means of compensation for a missed action or a violation of a Hajj/Umrah related law. This is in order to rectify a mistake made during Hajj or Umrah. A small animal, such as a sheep or a goat (or the cost of 1/7th of a large animal, if sharing), has to be sacrificed as compensation. 

Lands of Haram takes all responsibility for carrying out the Damm on your behalf.

A few examples of instances where Damm is obligatory:

  1. If you violated one of the prohibitions of Ihram, such as: applying perfume; cutting the hair or nails; and having sexual relations, including kissing and touching with lust and desire.
  2. If you failed to perform a Wajib act of Hajj, such as crossing the Miqat without entering into the state of Ihram.
  3. If you transgressed the sanctity of Al-Haram, such as killing an animal within its boundaries.

Upon confirmation of booking, you are considered to have delegated the performance of the ritual to Lands of Haram, thus Islamically discharged of any obligation and shall receive your full reward. However, Lands of Haram will also provide full confirmation of your order and you shall receive further updates accordingly once the order has been completed. 

Lands of Haram select beneficiaries of the Qurbani programme through an essential’s assessment carried out by the team on the field. Those who will receive Qurbani are:
• Orphans
• People on low income
• Female-Headed/Single Parent Households
• Members of the community who are vulnerable
• The disabled
• Internally displaced people


All animals are free from defects. The slaughtering is carried out in the boundaries of Al-Haram.